NEW Sony 4K HDR Television Range for 2016

For 2016 the latest must have feature for your new TV is HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Sony have produced a new range of high end TVs that are equipped to deliver 4K HDR viewing.  First showcased at CES in January, pricing has just been announced.

The look of the range has been revamped, losing the big side speakers from 2014 and 2015 for a sleeker appearance with solid center stands that are designed to hide cable clutter.

TIP – You can identify the 2016 models as they have a “D” in the model name whereas the 2015 models all have a “C”.

So, here is a summary of the new Sony 4K HDR TV Models and the Manufacturers Recommended Prices :-

XBR-X850D 4K HDR Series

NEW Sony 4K HDR Television Range for 2016

The X850D series has Edge LED backlighting with a Triluminous panel for rich and vivid color and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer for brighter highlights and deeper blacks. With a slim design and Android TV you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment.

XBR-55X850D – 55″ class (54.6″ diagonal), $2,499.99

XBR-65X850D – 65″ class (64.5″ diagonal), $3,499.99

XBR-75X850D – 75″ class (74.5″ diagonal), $4,999.99

XBR-85X850D – 85″ class (84.6″ diagonal), $9,999.99

XBR-X930D 4K HDR Series

XBR-X930D Slim profile

The X930D series has a new backlight technology named “Slim Backlight Drive” that is designed to give the benefit of full array local dimming without a full array panel. This keeps the price competitive and also allows the television to be much slimmer than it would otherwise be. It comes in 55 inch and 65 inch models

XBR-55X930D – 55″ class (54.6″ diagonal), $3,299.99

XBR-65X930D – 65″ class (64.5″ diagonal), $4,999.99


XBR-X940D 4K HDR Series

This is Sony’s Flagship model with a 75 inch Full Array Panel LED backlighting grid and X-tended Dynamic Range Pro. It has all the bells and whistles including support for High Dynamic Range, internet video streaming – Netflix, Hulu etc., Android TV, GoogleCast

XBR-75X940D – 75″ class (74.5″ diagonal), $7,999.99