How Big a Television for 2016

When you're looking to choose a new tv and, most importantly, deciding how big a television for 2016 you can get, here are some issues to consider before you hand over your hard earned cash.

PLACEMENT of your New Televison

First of all, think about where you want to put it.

This might seem pretty obvious thing to consider but you'd be surprised how many people don't. In the past, most TVs were placed on a stand but, it's becoming far more commonplace for TVs to be fixed to the wall, especially as they've become thinner and lighter over the years.

So, nowadays most TVs come with what is called a pedestal stand and the big bulky stands - which were often optional extras in the past - are no longer designed and supplied.

In fact, what has become a new industry is the design and development of wall mounts for televisions. This is a whole separate subject and you can find more information here.

And if you are concerned about fitting your new TV onto the Wall yourself, why not check out a custom wall mounting service - not as expensive as you might think!‚Äč

TV Wall Mounting for Big Televsion
TV Wall Mount Service

Professional Wall Mounting Services

DISTANCE - Why Resolution is Important

Perhaps the next thing to consider is how far away from the TV you'll be sitting.

One thing that not many people realise is that the resolution of the television determines how close you can sit to the TV and watch comfortably.

How Big a Television for 2016

So if you've been used to a television in High Definition 1080p definition sitting say 6 feet away then you probably don't want to screen any bigger than 50 inches diameter.

This table is an easy reference to the size of Television that will suit your viewing distance best for both HD and 4K resolutions.

How Big a Television for 2016 - Size Guide

As you can see, when you buy one of the new Ultra High Definition TVs that have 4K resolution you're going to be able to get a much larger screen of 70 inches and still view it comfortably from 6 feet away.  This is a massive increase in viewable screen size and gives a totally new viewing experience.

In fact, by sitting a foot further back, you could go up to 80 inches - which is probably as big as you'll want (or can probably afford!) at this time.

So, basically you can enjoy a large screen immersive television watching experience with 4K quite comfortably with your existing room layout.

And this is perhaps the single greatest advantage of 4K resolution for most people - you can put a bigger TV in your living room and be able to watch it comfortably - although this advantage is not something that is widely discussed.

And of course, because televisions are now flat for the most part and hung on a wall it probably means that your new TV will be about a foot further back from your sofa than your old television on its stand.