The VIZIO M70-C3 70-Inch 4K Smart TV is the 70″ flat screen version of the all-new for 2015 VIZIO M-Series 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart 4K TV at an incredible price point.  This is a really large television and with metal feet at the bottom corners it needs a wide stand if you are not wall mounting it.

The screen surround is just over 1/2 ” wide and the edges are finished in a silver coloured metal in which gives a sleek and up-market finish to the set.  Owners of the M-series are, on the whole, very pleased and rate it 4.3 out of 5 – you can read some reviews here

VIZIO M70-C3 70-Inch 4K Smart TV Specifications

With 4K UltraHD resolution you get over 8.3 million pixels in every image which is four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD.  On a large screen, such as this 70″ VIZIO M70-C3 4K TV you will really notice the difference as there is so much more detail – just what you need for such a large screen.  And Vizio’s M-Series Ultra HD is designed to display fantastic detail and clarity.

VIZIO M-Series with 32 Active LED Zones

VIZIO M70-C3 comes with Full-Array LED backlighting and has 32 Active LED Zones

The M70-C3 comes with Full-Array LED backlighting.  It has 32 Active LED Zones in the panel enabling it to produce superior light uniformity together with an extremely high contrast giving deep, pure black levels.  This makes it somewhat thicker than other models and also means that the best viewing is limited by the viewing angle.

Sports and action fans will appreciate the Clear Action 720 powerful image processing of the M-Series with a super fast 240Hz effective refresh rate enhanced with backlight scanning to produce sharper detail in fast action scenes.

For a 70 inch 4K screen with Full Array, this is an incredibly well priced set.


Getting 4K content on the Vizio M70-C3

The M-Series is designed and optimized to deliver all of your favorite entertainment in stunning 4k Ultra HD right out of the box.

You get HEVC decoding and ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy 4K streaming from popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and UltraFlix – assuming that you have a good. fast broadband connection.

And with the built in powerful Spatial Scaling Engine you can enjoy your 720p and 1080p HD sports, movies, and TV shows in simulated 4K Ultra HD.

VIZIO M70-C3 70-Inch 4K Smart TV


This M series comes with 5 HDMI inputs with support for the latest HDMI standards, future proofed to enable 4K playback from next generation cable and satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and game consoles that require HDCP2.2 to transmit 4K content between devices.

The ports are configured as follows and you can see that three ports have HDCP 2.2, although only one of these is also HDMI version 2.0 :-

HDMI 1 – Version 1.4b (HDCP 2.2)
HDMI 2 – Version 1.4b (HDCP 2.2)
HDMI 3 – Version 1.4b (HDCP 2.0)
HDMI 4 – Version 1.4b (HDCP 2.0)
HDMI 5 – Version 2.0  (HDCP 2.2)

Conclusion – Vizio M70-C3

If you are looking for a large screen 4K TV at an affordable price then this Vizio M70-C3 70″ flatscreen TV comes highly recommended.  This is a set that you will want in your main viewing area and the only issue is that the angle of view is a little limited.  So, best to watch from in front, rather than at the side.

Amazon have a fantastic price available and will include Enhanced Delivery in the price which has a Low Price Guarantee.  And, Amazon Prime members also qualify for a further $50 reduction making this a steal at the price.

If you are considering an oversized TV then don’t miss out on this special offer.





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VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

The VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV is from the new 2015 M-Series from Vizio.

This model has excellent color, brightness and black levels and the 4k definition looks so much better in comparison to the older HD E series.  The television is light and has a thinner bezel – looking modern, cool, and up to date.

Customers who have purchased this 43″ 4K TV have been very pleased with their purchase and you can see a selection of their reviews here.

Smart TV Apps for 4K Streaming

You can watch streaming 4k content from Netflix, Amazon and Ultraflix directly from this smart TV with all the Apps built right in. All you need is a good broadband connection and the relevant subscriptions to enjoy the latest entertainment is fabulous 4K.  This set has HEVC decoding and ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi built in so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment in 4k Ultra HD resolution right out of the box.

Vizio M43-C1 4K TV Remote Control - 4KUltraHDTV.netWell Designed Remote Control

Vizio has paid attention to detail with the Remote Control.  Not only does it have dedicated buttons for the most popular Netflix and Amazon Apps, but it also has a QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side.

Customers also report that Vizio customer service is great so you won’t have any concerns in the unlikely event that  something goes wrong.

Picture Quality

M-Series Ultra HD displays produce so much more detail and clarity with over 8.3 million pixels in every image which gives four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD.  They also have Full-Array LED backlighting and up to 28 Active LED Zones which means that you get uniform light levels across the display with high contrast, and deeper, purer black levels.

Sports and action fans are catered for with Clear Action 360 which has powerful image processing and a 120Hz effective refresh rate enhanced with backlight scanning for sharper detail in fast action scenes.

Even on a 43″ Screen, you can see the difference between HD and 4K – more colours, better detail – altogether more lifelike and natural.


VIZIO M‑Series UHD vs HD

4K Content

Even though there is not a lot of native 4K content available at the moment, this 43″ Vizio has built in upscaling of HD and Full HD content to 4K UHD resolution.  The “Spatial Scaling Engine” converts everything you watch into Ultra HD by automatically.  And whilst the upscaling is very good, it does depend on working with a good quality HD or Full HD source to get the best results.

And new sources of 4K content are coming onstream every day now from large providers such as Netflix and Amazon Video.



Equipped with 5 HDMI ports, 3 with HDCP 2.2 and 2 with HDCP 2.0, gives support for the latest HDMI standards including HEVC needed to playback Ultra HD from soon to be released next gen cable and satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and game consoles.

Now, one thing to note is that the built in YouTube app doesn’t currently play 4K videos at 4K, because Google uses the VP9 standard for YouTube, and although many 2015 4K TVs now have VP9 support built in, the Vizio M series currently does not. But 4K YouTube videos still look amazing on this set due to the built in upscale – they’re just not native 4K.


Vizio has come up with an impressive 4K television range in the new M series.  Not only is it technically adept, it is also attractive and produces pretty much everything you would want in a 4K television.  If you are looking to replace or upgrade your TV then at this price it is pretty much a no brainer.  And you can be assured of great aftercare when you buy from Amazon and the best prices too.


VIZIO P502ui-B1 Review – Introduced in late 2014, the VIZIO P-Series 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV has great features at a jaw-dropping price - the 50 inch is currently selling at Amazon for just Check Latest Price

But many people steer clear of 4K because of the initial high cost of these sets. Now that Vizio have entered the market with their P-series range of televisions from 50" up to 70", the choice to go 4K is becoming attainable for more and more consumers.

One thing you should be aware of is that this TV does not have 3D built in - so if 3D is an important feature on your shopping list, then, as an alternative take a look at the LG Electronics 49UB8500

VIZIO P502ui-B1 - Design

The design of the Vizio P502ui-B1 is quite basic with a dark silver coloured finish around the screen edge and a thin black bezel around the screen. The corners are very slightly rounded and the base is open and fixed - i.e. there is no swivel in the stand.  

This 50" entry model comes with a table stand or can be wall mounted - whichever suits you best. It has minimalist styling that is discrete and contemporary to look good in any room.  But the central stand has the great advantage that it is not the full width of the TV which means that it will sit quite comfortably on many existing TV units- although you need to make sure that the positioning precludes being knocked from the side (tip: some small blobs of blu-tack or similar, strategically placed under the TV stand can help it to grip the unit and avoid movement from minor knocks).

Vizio have focussed all their efforts and costs on the performance of the P series, leaving the design basic but clean. There is nothing objectionable but nothing outstanding either. In practice, when you are immersed in TV, the design is not the most important factor - especially if you choose to wall mount as many will with this 50 inch flat panel TV.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 - Connections

Vizio have prioritised good connectivity and there is a great range of inputs including 5 HDMI, 2 on the side and 3 on the rear, downward facing.  Of these, 4 are specified 4K @ 30 Hz and 2 of these have HDCP 2.2 support.  The fifth, side HDMI input is 4K @ 60 Hz or 1080P @120Hz with HDCP 2.2 support.

Since HDCP 2.2 is the likely standard for copyright protection between 4K devices, Vizio have provided good support for future devices such as 4K blu-ray.

In addition to the HDMI slots, there is one USB port for photo, music and video (DNLA compliant), analog audio and optical digital outputs plus legacy component video and composite video.

Internet can be connected via built-in wifi which is fast 802.11ac or by ethernet cable.  Personally I prefer to hard wire for streaming as it is less prone to interference - particularly around a lot of electrical equipment.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 - Picture

Vizio has produced a 4K Ultra HD TV sub $1,000 that can future proof your next TV purchase. Although 4K isn't standard yet, it is clear that TV manufacturers are adopting this resolution as the next standard. Just as HD eclipsed the old standard definition, 4K is set to oust HD. 

Vizio's P-series of 4K televisions are exceptional in the market insofar as, with the exception on the 55" model, they have LCD VA panels with full-array LED backlight and 64 Active LED Zones. The benefit of this is much better contrast and deeper black levels to give great picture quality in a 4K TV in this price range where competitor tv displays are only edge-lit LED.

The display finish is semi-matte so this means that you will get less reflection on the screen than with a more glossy screen.

Vizio have made the picture quality paramount in their design of this 4K TV. Upscaling is handled by advanced graphic processing so that you can enjoy your HD programmes in simulated 4K resolution.

One feature that is not included is 3D - as previously mentioned, if this is important to you then this TV will probably not be the right choice.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 - Sound

The sound from the P-series is fairly mediocre with just two 10W speakers.   So you will probably want to add a soundbase or a sound bar if you do not plan to wire the sound through an AV Receiver setup.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 - Feature Summary

So, lets take a look at our handy summary of the features included with this Vizio P502ui-B1 4K UHD TV below




VIZIO  P502ui-B1


YES 802.11ac


50 Inch



Release Date

September 2014

Digital Audio


List Price

$ 999.99


5 HDMI 2.0

Current Price

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1 x  USB 2.0


4K Ultra HD  (3840 x 2160)  2160p


Full Array 64 zones

Refresh Rate

240 Hz


Double sided w QWERTY

3D Built-in



27.7 H x 44.1 W x 2.1 D

Smart TV

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus


38.8 lbs

HEVC (H.265) decoding



YES (HDMI 1, 2, 5,)


Stereo 2 x 10 W

Mfr. Warranty

12 months

Viewing Angle

176˚ H  176˚ V

Table Stand


Customer Reviews

Wall Mountable


This set is proving very popular so head over to Amazon now and get yours while stocks last

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between this Vizio P series of 4K LED televisions and other brands is that it has Full-Array LED backlight with 64 Active LED Zones. The set dynamically adjusts the LED backlight in each individual zone creating deeper, pure black levels and higher contrast – a feature unmatched by other brands at this price level.

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